Hello again

hello again,

Yes I know what you are going to say “WE WANT MORE POSTS”. And yes, I know my last post was in march but to be quite frank, I have no excuse. I should be posting more MUCH MORE and I will. After being the worst blogger in the universe for 4 months I am now going to be back AND BETTER THAN EVER.

The good thing is, whilst being away I have been reading- A LOT. See what I mean?

Expect more in the future



update post !!!!!!/haul

Hi guys!
I havent done one of these update posts in a while,so now is the time to do so. So,( I said so
so!!!)lets get this partAy started (see how added an A so it was like partAy not just plain old party…).

Okay so FIRSTLY, (I like that word) I wanted to talk about a few books I HAVE read and am going to be talking about in posts to come!The FIRSTLY book (doesnt work,does it?)is called Noughts and crosses.This has to be at least a 5 in my top 10 books!!I am also going to be rating The hunger games (if I havent already NOTE TO SELF- check if you have done a pos
t on the hunger games!)and will most FIRSTLY (no,just no) be doing a post on Kiss (what genre is that…?).

I am currently reading a classic ‘Jane Eyre’ want a review on that? Comment below!

However,after that I will be reading LOADS MORE (mainly because of my £10 book gift card) and I will be doing a haul post soon!


The worst book -EVER

Hi dudes,dudettes and any other life forms ! Today I am gonna be doing a post on what ,in my opinion is the worst book that has ever been written. It should be banned!

Name of book-Fallen
By-Lauren Kate

ilove2readbooks says-

First impressions –
I know you shouldnt judge a book by the over . But fallen was OTT terrible!!!!! And when I say OTT I mean OTT !!! The cover is mainly to atract teenage-twilight-obsessed fans! The cover is so missleading,you would have thought there would have at least been ONE kiss.LOL

The content-
One word- The worst thing I have ever read! (That miiiight have been more than one word.) The story is so stupid I cant even remeber it. What I can remeber however is …patchy. Ummm…I thin some girl called Luce or something kills her boyfriend and gets shipphed of to a school for people who have tried to kill people…Maybe you should google the plot. Luce or what ever she is called falls in love to Daniel who turns out to be an angel…

What I thought
Lets just say this ,I was badly ill after reading this book.

I rate it 0/5 and 0/10

Dont buy the book to find out more…

Diary of a snob-poor little rich girl

Name of book-Diary of a snob-poor little rich girl

Author-Grace Dent

ilove2readbooks says-

Diary of a snob is a fast paced, trashy but loveable a book. The book took me, a fast reader ( even if I do say so my self…) about a day to finish.

The book is about a girl named Poppet Montague-Jones who is not only spoilt and rich but also the sister of popular socialite, Kitten. She spends her time hangin’ ( ohhh I am sooo cool-  where was I?) with her posh and OTT mates from school or the rich boy next door her mother wants her to marry. However,when her sister gets put in to rehab Poppet meets a boy who might just change her life for ever! ( suspense- I love it!).

I loved this book! I would say it fits in to the ‘well written trash’ genre that we all secretly love. It kept me reading and there was no point where I got the ‘ when-is-it-over-syndrome’. It might not be harry potter,but this book is perfect for a night in with a cup of coco.The only thing I would say is that the ending is a bit random, there is no cliffhanger that makes  me want to read the next book.

The age group for this book is about 10-15.It would be 8-15 but the book deals with some issues like drug addiction.

I rate it-

3/5 and 6/10

Buy the book to find out more…

What’s on my bookshelf

Hey book fans,

Today I wanted to do something a bit different and tell you guys whats on my book shelf and why the books are there.

So this is my top shelf –


It has some of my favourites such as ‘the hunger games’, ‘stargirl, and ,yes -‘Twilight!’ This shelf also contains Quidditch through the ages a book featured in Harry Potter that I love.

Heres the second half of the shelf-


This contains a couple of random books but again ,mainly favourites such as ‘The Declaration’ and ‘Shift’.


This is a shelf full of funny and trashy books like ‘dork diaries’.

My final shelf on this bookcase contains books I want to read like ‘My perfect life’ but also some old favourite like harry potter!

I hope you guys liked this ,feel free to do this yourself!


What is my favourite book EVER?

I have been meaning to do this for a while, but to be honest- I couldn’t be bothered! Any way, in this post I am going to be talking about my favourite book of all time, yes you heard me-all time! Oh and before I start, this is my favourite singular book,not my favourite series. So this doesn’t include, Harry Potter or the Hunger Games or anything like that.

Now this has taken me a long time to decide but I have to say Wonder ( I would link my review but to be honest my fingers decided to go to sleep (weird how they can still type) (I have to stop doing brackets within brackets ,lol) (I know I am weird) (AHHHHHHHHHH)) . Now, what was I saying…oh yes! Wonder…

As I have a whole review on wonder ( again I am to lazy to link) but in this post I am going to talk about WHY I (OMGKKP (RANDOM) ( I HAVE TO STOP THIS BRACKET THING)(LOL)) liked the book!

So if you want a review thing about this then press the back button and find it (I have to stop- you know the score…).

What I loved about this is how the author talked about the truth, what its REALLY like to have a face disfigurement. The book doesn’t shy away from the truth at all!It was as true as true can get! The book also makes you think, a lot.

I wld toats recommend buying it!Toats or is it tots? No! It must be toets!Lol tell me what you think it is!




I brought this myself lolage!