Diary of a snob-poor little rich girl

Name of book-Diary of a snob-poor little rich girl

Author-Grace Dent

ilove2readbooks says-

Diary of a snob is a fast paced, trashy but loveable a book. The book took me, a fast reader ( even if I do say so my self…) about a day to finish.

The book is about a girl named Poppet Montague-Jones who is not only spoilt and rich but also the sister of popular socialite, Kitten. She spends her time hangin’ ( ohhh I am sooo cool-  where was I?) with her posh and OTT mates from school or the rich boy next door her mother wants her to marry. However,when her sister gets put in to rehab Poppet meets a boy who might just change her life for ever! ( suspense- I love it!).

I loved this book! I would say it fits in to the ‘well written trash’ genre that we all secretly love. It kept me reading and there was no point where I got the ‘ when-is-it-over-syndrome’. It might not be harry potter,but this book is perfect for a night in with a cup of coco.The only thing I would say is that the ending is a bit random, there is no cliffhanger that makes  me want to read the next book.

The age group for this book is about 10-15.It would be 8-15 but the book deals with some issues like drug addiction.

I rate it-

3/5 and 6/10

Buy the book to find out more…


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