Name of book- wonder-duh
By- R.J Placio

Ilove2redbooks says-

Omgkkp! This book was epic with a capital E!

So wonder is about a boy called August who has a face disfigurement. The story follows how he deals with the burdens of middle school. It has a amazing morel,looks aren’t everything!

I loved this !!!!!!!! It was full of raw emotion and truth, something I love in a book.Another great thing about ‘wonder’ was the way it was told through different points of view. This helps give the story a rounded (round,round,round,round!!!!!)feel.The story has so much depth you cant help but love it.

The only thing I found annoying was how one-sided it was. Okay so we all hate Julian (school bully)but the story would have been so much more interesting if there was a chapter from his point of view!I have wrenched my teeth out trying to find something else wrong with it but well, I cant!lol.

I would recommend this book to advanced readers of any gender. Whoever you are there will be a character 4 u (TEXT SPEEK!!!!!).

I rate it-

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Hi !(and sorry)

So I know I have been gone for eveeeeeeeeeer , but I don’t have a good reason! Ha ,ha,ha,ha….

Soooooo, this is an update post BUT I will be doing a book haul soon AND a ‘what book I am reading’ post. Be sure to check them out, unless you hate me :).

Winter is the puuurrrfect time for reading ,mainly for cats (see what I did there? No,shame on me! If you do live somewhere hot then well,summer is EPIC for reading to ( and I am NOT just saying that!!!). So this is the time of year to head over to the book store and pick out some winter reading material! Woooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was VERY short, but to be honest I don’t want to bore you( it has nothing to do with my fingers getting tired !!!byeeeeee


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Ha,ha,ha, lets just forget about the whole thing (me nawt posting and all).No really I am sorry, and i’m sorry the whole ‘Book-a-day-thing’.

ANNNNNYWAY,with the whole new year thing more book reviews will be on there way PWOMISE ,lol. Really,I do. So maybe the ‘Book-a-day’ thing DIDDNT work but i’m not saying I will post EVERY day but I will a lot more than often I PWOMISE (I HAVE to stop that).

Like I said, more reviews are flying to an airport as fast as… well as…um ( I will think of that similie later lol!)BUT…Yeah what evs, ANYWAYZZZ I have been reading quite a lot!As well as reading sister missing ( the third book in the missing series) I have also read a few manga books but I feel like I like ye olde black and white prints more!

So that was it BUT I will be back!




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A-BOOK-A-DAY…sort of

Ummm…look i’m sorry,okay! I know I said I would add a post every day of december and I know I said I wouldn’t slack but… I get distracted VERY easily, really its not my fault !I just…see something shiny and i am like OHHHH shiiinnnneeeeeeyyyy! And I forget about what I was doing… So I WILL update 2morrow, pwomise!


I said I would do it… WELL NOW I HAVE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LOL. Anyways, if you have no idea what I am on about then…good for you!No, a while back I said I was starting a new series called FILM VS. BOOK annnnd… well I forgot about it. DEE. So, I was looking through my old posts and I remembered it so I thought I would give it a go. SO LETS GO ,LETS GO. DEE.

Twilight: Film vs. Book


So, I really HATED this book as you guys know, when I first read it. Buuuut, now …So its not ,my favourite book in the world but it is by no means the least. I would say its somewhere in the middle of my top 100 ( now theres an idea…) maybe about 50 or 60 ( 1 being the best). And, I have read A LOT of books so thats pretty good, if you want to see a full review press here.


KILL ME NOW (no dont!). Why, why,why did they have to do this WHY????? The book is only satisfactory but the movie brings it down to UNSATISFACTORY 😦 (i feel like a school inspector lol). Really? And come on… Bella is already the grumpiness human known to man kind but casting Kristian Stewart was just…EVVVVILLLL. All she does throughout the WHOLE movie is pout and stare!!! After seeing this movie I just wanted to cry myself to sleep. Really! Okay maybe not…I just, I just wanted to scream. Really what a disaster!

The verdict-Highly obvious but really? Duh the FILM! Naw just kidding, the book was by far better. DEE



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Name of book- The maze runner

By-James Dashner

Offical site- Here


ilove2readbooks says-

I loved this book! OMG it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! 😀

So this book is about a boy called Thomas who finds himself stuck in the middle of a maze with no memories apart from his first name.  However, this is no normal maze-every night the walls move and the grievers come out! Along the way, thomas makes new friends, and he develops as a person.

I realy loved this book ( I said that before diddnt I?). Anyway like I said, I love how everything… well EVERYTHING! LOL. GASP FOR AIR! I would say this book got a tad boring in some places. Despite this,over all this book is one of the best I have read no kidding.

This book DID take me some time to read but this was through no fault of its own! Really I just had so much to do. But all that aside, I would recomend this book to age 12 plus IF you’re a fan of the hunger games or just wanna try sommat (lol) new!DEE




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So I know I havent been keeping up with my reviews ( please dont hit me!) but I HAVE been reading a lot. However, I do feel guilty so as a christmas present to y’all I will be adding a new post every day of december from now on! Despite this, I am human and I am not a robot with no life so if I dont update for one day then again, hitting is banned!

And yes, I did finish the Maze Runner and it was so good! I also finished a very quick manga book called ‘Animal Academy’ that was really fun and short to read. :D.

Also I have a new hall of books I will update y’all on!

Sorry the post was so short :D!