Update-Sozzles !

Lets get to the point:


Ha,ha,ha, lets just forget about the whole thing (me nawt posting and all).No really I am sorry, and i’m sorry the whole ‘Book-a-day-thing’.

ANNNNNYWAY,with the whole new year thing more book reviews will be on there way PWOMISE ,lol. Really,I do. So maybe the ‘Book-a-day’ thing DIDDNT work but i’m not saying I will post EVERY day but I will a lot more than often I PWOMISE (I HAVE to stop that).

Like I said, more reviews are flying to an airport as fast as… well as…um ( I will think of that similie later lol!)BUT…Yeah what evs, ANYWAYZZZ I have been reading quite a lot!As well as reading sister missing ( the third book in the missing series) I have also read a few manga books but I feel like I like ye olde black and white prints more!

So that was it BUT I will be back!




disclamer-Boring legal stuffz- I brought all the gear in this post on my ownio ,lol!


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