What’s on my bookshelf

Hey book fans,

Today I wanted to do something a bit different and tell you guys whats on my book shelf and why the books are there.

So this is my top shelf –


It has some of my favourites such as ‘the hunger games’, ‘stargirl, and ,yes -‘Twilight!’ This shelf also contains Quidditch through the ages a book featured in Harry Potter that I love.

Heres the second half of the shelf-


This contains a couple of random books but again ,mainly favourites such as ‘The Declaration’ and ‘Shift’.


This is a shelf full of funny and trashy books like ‘dork diaries’.

My final shelf on this bookcase contains books I want to read like ‘My perfect life’ but also some old favourite like harry potter!

I hope you guys liked this ,feel free to do this yourself!



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