update post !!!!!!/haul

Hi guys!
I havent done one of these update posts in a while,so now is the time to do so. So,( I said so
so!!!)lets get this partAy started (see how added an A so it was like partAy not just plain old party…).

Okay so FIRSTLY, (I like that word) I wanted to talk about a few books I HAVE read and am going to be talking about in posts to come!The FIRSTLY book (doesnt work,does it?)is called Noughts and crosses.This has to be at least a 5 in my top 10 books!!I am also going to be rating The hunger games (if I havent already NOTE TO SELF- check if you have done a pos
t on the hunger games!)and will most FIRSTLY (no,just no) be doing a post on Kiss (what genre is that…?).

I am currently reading a classic ‘Jane Eyre’ want a review on that? Comment below!

However,after that I will be reading LOADS MORE (mainly because of my £10 book gift card) and I will be doing a haul post soon!



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