The worst book -EVER

Hi dudes,dudettes and any other life forms ! Today I am gonna be doing a post on what ,in my opinion is the worst book that has ever been written. It should be banned!

Name of book-Fallen
By-Lauren Kate

ilove2readbooks says-

First impressions –
I know you shouldnt judge a book by the over . But fallen was OTT terrible!!!!! And when I say OTT I mean OTT !!! The cover is mainly to atract teenage-twilight-obsessed fans! The cover is so missleading,you would have thought there would have at least been ONE kiss.LOL

The content-
One word- The worst thing I have ever read! (That miiiight have been more than one word.) The story is so stupid I cant even remeber it. What I can remeber however is …patchy. Ummm…I thin some girl called Luce or something kills her boyfriend and gets shipphed of to a school for people who have tried to kill people…Maybe you should google the plot. Luce or what ever she is called falls in love to Daniel who turns out to be an angel…

What I thought
Lets just say this ,I was badly ill after reading this book.

I rate it 0/5 and 0/10

Dont buy the book to find out more…