Name of book- The maze runner

By-James Dashner

Offical site- Here


ilove2readbooks says-

I loved this book! OMG it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! 😀

So this book is about a boy called Thomas who finds himself stuck in the middle of a maze with no memories apart from his first name.  However, this is no normal maze-every night the walls move and the grievers come out! Along the way, thomas makes new friends, and he develops as a person.

I realy loved this book ( I said that before diddnt I?). Anyway like I said, I love how everything… well EVERYTHING! LOL. GASP FOR AIR! I would say this book got a tad boring in some places. Despite this,over all this book is one of the best I have read no kidding.

This book DID take me some time to read but this was through no fault of its own! Really I just had so much to do. But all that aside, I would recomend this book to age 12 plus IF you’re a fan of the hunger games or just wanna try sommat (lol) new!DEE




I brought this myself


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