Book Blabber??

Hiya guys so this time I need your help on something! Before I get on to that though I just have a few updates to give ya’ll.

So firstly, I am sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my 3-posts-a-week thing, but I have been sooooo busy! As well as this, I have been really sloooow with my reading ( I am STILL on the maze runner) Normally, I can finish a book in like a day or two but this is taking me for evs! What do you guys think, keep reading or start a new book and come back to it?

Anywayzzzz  here is the bit when I need YOUR help,  I really need a name for these little update posts! I thought maybe book blabber? I used to call these posts ‘hiya’ but that is like sooo last year, so then I moved on a bit and started calling them ‘Update’ but that sounds very posh and polite so…Tell me if you like my name or think of your own!

WRRRRRRR ( the sound of my brain working) I really don’t know what to say- oh nooow I remember. So you guys know I did a, shall we say ‘harsh’ review on the book  twilight  but I have to admit… Okay so you Twilight-haters are going to KILL me and tell me I don’t deserve to be a book blogger but I just saw the film, and I loved it…SORRY! Anywayzz I re-read the book,and loved it SORRY! I can’t say any more, I am so ashamed!

Ilove2readbooks x



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