The Declaration

Name of book: The Declaration

Author: Gemma Malley

ilove2readbooks says:

OMG!!!!!!! This book was so good! Do I always start with that? * checks old blog posts* Oh, I don’t always start with that. Awkward lol! Now lets get back on track… Oh yeah! Noooooow I remember-The Declaration! Before I get started …. And I just forgot what I was going to say!

Moooving on, this book is about a girl called Anna who lives in a dystopian and corrupt society. However, she is what is called a Surplus- in other words an illegal . This is because everyone else in Anna’s world has taken a pill that will make them live forever , this means if people keep having children they will overpopulate the world so children are banned. Despite this, Anna’s mother and father break the law and have Anna. This means she has to live a hard life. Anna is a perfect okprefect, until the new Surplus comes along…

A fab book , I loved it! The author really thought about what she was going to write before putting her pen on the page. I can’t wait to read the next book, The Resistance it sounds amazing! Although I do love the book ,there is one small problem:Why is the book in third person, why oh why?That was the one issue with the book! It just could have won the book of the year but no oh no ! Sigh…

I would recommend this book to 11-15 year-olds. I think this book is epic, apart from that one little thing!

I rate it : 4/5

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