Hi guys!

So this is just a little update post about whats been going on in the book universe!Oh, and I know this post would normally be called ‘Hiya!’ but that makes searching very hard, I know,I know- i’m just toooooo kind!

So Firstly, I know a while back I did a ‘haul’ post, but sadly I havent really been keeping up with that haul! I tried a few and I just DONT like them! So I have sort of given up on them-sorry books! On the bright side, I have got a new haul- like this if you want me to do a post on that(and that is NOT a cheap way to get likes,well maybe it is…).

Also, I wanted to ask YOU guys somthing. Are e-books or hardbacks better? I have tried one or two quick e-reads ( is that even a word?)but it just makes my eyes hurt and I love the feeling of sipping a hot mug of coco while reading whatever you have on the go (for me its ‘the maze runner’- a review will be comming soon!) and I just cant see why people would rather stare at their phone/tablet?

Oh and also, have you got any books that you would recomend? Tell me in the comments below!


ilove2readbooks đŸ™‚


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