Catching fire

Name of book: Catching fire

Author: Suzanne Collins

ilove2readbooks says:

I was debating with myself if I should do this review. This is only because I never like to two books from the same series. So I looked back on my old posts but I just could NOT find the post! I tried searching for it in drafts but it’s not there! Please tell me in the comments below if you can’t find this post or if I am just plain crazy!

Annnnywaaaay ( I HAVE to stop saying that lol) lets get on with the review. I found that, out of all three books this was my least favourite, I still liked it and it was a grat read but the first one was so amazing that this seemed a little bit like a rip-off. Its hard though because I still LOVED the book- its crazy!

Normally in this paragraph I would go on and on about the story-line but since a film of it will be coming out in a couple of years I feel like that would be horrible! All I will say is- THE GAMES ARE BACK AND LET THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOU’RE FAVOUR!

This book was great but like I said I wanted more, I wanted someone important to die!!! Oh, now I feel horrible. Sigh…

I rate it: 3.75/5

Buy the book to find out more…


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