The Tulip Touch

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ilove2readbooks says:

Okay so don’t get me wrong, I like this book and I think Anne Fine  is great. The problem is the way Natalie, the main character is portrayed. Anyway…lets get this show on the road!

The book is about two girls: Tulip and Natalie who at the start of the book are the best of friends but as the book goes on, thanks to Tulips sinister games that all changes.The story is written from Natalie’s point of view but at first she is so close to Tulip you almost know what Tulip is thinking.

Like I said, the book is written from Natalie’s point of view- something that really bugged me! .I dont know about you, but when I read a book I have to feel something with the main girl/guy. No way did I feel this with Natalie she was just tooooooo nice! The book would have been sooo much better written from tulips point of view!

Another thing I would say is that the story is far to short! What I would have really liked was a little bit more detail, mainly at the end. I found the ending very rushed. I loved the way it ended on a cliffhanger but for that to work you have do it well!

Despite this, I did enjoy the book, I thought it was well written and included a variety of different writing styles that made the book fun to read.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book to 6-12 year-olds  as anyone younger would find it scary and anyone older, boring.Another thing I would say is the old cover of two girls is really terrible but the new one is much more appealing!  Oh, and a message to boys: don’t be put of that the two main characters are girls-  you will enjoy it!

We rate it: 3/5

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