Withering tights

Name of book: Withering tights

Author: Louise RennisonWithering Tights

ilove2readbooks says:

This book is so funny! I love how it links in with the Georgia Nicolson books (a review will be coming soon!) and how its trashy, yet still a F-A-B read.

I dont want to say to much but I do really like the book, it has just the right balance between trash and so well written you have to look up half the words ( hard when the only dictionary you have is in Latin!). The best part about the book is the building of Tallulah Casey, the girl who’s eyes you see the story from. At first, I find her pretty annoying but as the story goes on and you find out more about her you really start to like her.

Trash is ( along with dystopian and historical) one of my favourite genres so I was straight away drawn to this book howeve,if you’re the type of person who sniffs up their noses to this then maybe you should try something else! Its just I read a lot of trash and this tops it all!

Overall, this is a great read and I would defiantly recommend it !

I rate it : 4/5

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This book was free on the cover of Mizz Magazine- thanks!


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