Book Haul

Heya readers!

so lately i have been LOVIN teenage sci-fi! Also, a good romance is right up my street and a bit of trash never did anyone any harm! Anyway this is my latest book haul and your gonna love it ( not to sound vain)!

So first up, The queens lady  a book thats been on my shelf for a while now but  I never managed to read! It was gifted to me buy puffin   via puffin post but was sitting on my shelf and not getting read so I decided to grab it down and add it to the haul. I think its the second one in a series but from the looks of things you don’t have to read the first one first. From what I can tell its a historical romance with a VERY racy cover. Looks a little trashy but I give anything a go!

Next up a teen Sci-Fi novel by Sophie Mckenzie. The name of this cool looking book with an okay cover is the Medusa project ( the set up)– it looks fab ! I found this book on holidays and have wanted to read it ever since! Have already started so a book review will be on your way soon!

As well  as this Torment– this looks like the second worse book ever (fallen the worst book ever and twilight the third) ! But still ill give it a go!

So there you go- my latest haul , but before I leave you to my book and a cup-o-coco  a cool update here soon. A new mini series called film vs book is coming soon! Wont say to much now , ill do a separate post on that .

Keeep reading!


Iloveddslol 🙂

Disclaimer : All of the books featured were brought by my self apart from the queens lady that was gifted to me by puffin post, however at the time I got the book I was a member of puffin post and as paying yearly. This is not a sponserd post, all opinions are my own.


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