Name of book: Twilight 

Author: Stephenie Meyer

ilove2readbooks says:

WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO??????? All that garbage about twilight being an amazing read. Give me strength! Admittedly, the first time you read twilight you get to the end and are sucked into the whole vampire thing. But then you read it again and you realise how much of your life you have wasted on this book! 

Okay, so I know most people have heard of this book and roughly know the plot but what they don’t have is a in depth review of the TRUTH about twilight. You see, when most people write reviews about twilight the first thing they think of is not the thousands of people who want to read the book, they think of the thousands of people who HAVE read the book. Okay, so this might sound crazzzzzzzzy to you but its not. All of these book reviewers are wimps. They are scared of the many twilight fans who will cause a riot if a bad word is said about their beloved ‘Edward’ or ‘Jacob’.

I think the reason most people read this book is two simple words: peer and pressure. A girl who has just started Year 7 walks into the big doors of the library and asks what book to read. Before the librarian gets a word in edgeways a second Year 7 shouts “TWILIGHT!YOU HAVE TO READ TWILIGHT” now do you see what I mean? 

However, I’m not going to force you NOT to buy the book, I am just going to beg and plead you not to read it. 

I rate it 0.5/5 



3 thoughts on “Twilight

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