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Hiya reading fans,

As you know, I am forever working on ways to make ilove2readbooks as user friendly as possible so you might have noticed the two things that makes your eyes go POP!

So the first one is more likely you have noticed. Yes, yet again I have changed my theme! But before you get mad at me I have a excuse, it was all in your best interest ! You see the old theme was REALLY UN-user friendly, I mean no offence to the people who make the themes or whatever but who wants to scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of the page just to navigate your way to a new one? No, my new theme is MUCH better.

As well as this the other AMAZING (sorry if I sound like a vain person) update to the Blog is a calendar. Think this sounds boring? Think again!With the new update you can search for a book by date rather than time! Have a look today!

Oh and if your bored of me ( I know, I know NO-ONE gets bored of me) then have a look at these :

If I don’t get you reading hope they can!


Oh and remember … keeeeeep reading!


2 thoughts on “Calender Widget

  1. HI. This is my first time here, by way of This Kid Reads Books. I love the calendar search ability. Is this for any WordPress theme or is it a part of only this theme, which I like? I would love to place this on my site. I have been putting together a list of reviews from A to Z and it is a long process, mainly because I waited a year to think of it.

    I have thought many times to change themes to make my site more friendly. I’ve gotten nailed for having a theme that puts the link to the comments at the top of each post, rather than at the bottom. Then I was told not to change the theme by others, who liked the theme. So I have not known what to do. Being new to all this stuff does not help matters. So, I understand what you are going through. Not everyone will like the changes, or understand why.

    I think you are courageous to go ahead and do what is best for your site and let the chips (visitors) fall where they may.

    • Thanks ! At the moment i am working on more view so if u can pass on the message it will be gr8! The calender is a widget that can be found on any theme in the widgets bit.

      Ilove2readbooks 🙂

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