Blood TiesR

name of book: Blood Ties

author: Sophie Mckenzie


I am going to try and be a bit more ruthless when reviewing books! However I have to say that Blood Ties is a VERY good and well written book! There are some annoying things about the plot, for example when there is a big battle scene going on the two main characters just HAVE to stop and have a bit of roooommmaaaaaaannnnnncccce! Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of romance as it can add flavour to the storyline but it was not needed to make this book different as there is already a lot going on!

The book follows the story of to teenagers : Rachel and Theo. The chapters alternate between the two. At first both characters lead completely different lives but their storeys soon intertwine as they meet each other for the very first time. The reason they both meet up in the first place is because Theo wants to know why his father died and thinks that Rachels dad has something to do with it.

When Theo first meets Rachel he thinks she is shy and not ‘hot’ like some girls in her class ,however Rachel fancies theo like  mad ( see, there just HAS to be this sort of thing SOMEWHERE in the book so why not shove it at the start?). Things all start when Theo decides to run away, Rachel offers to take him to her school disco to ‘hide him in the crowd’ ( the real reason is that she wants people to think he’s her date) and things all kick off from there.

Note: If you dont like teen sci-fi or clones this isn’t the book to read.

I rate it:

3/5 ( just because of some of the sappy story lines)

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