I’m Back!

After a long summer of wait…ITS HERE! The new makeover of ilove2readbooks has just landed and boy do I love it! Give us some feedback on the new design as after all its your website just as much as mine!But to keep ilove2readbooks afloat we need views. Sadly if you are following the blog and view it by email ,this does not count as a view ;(  so please , if you follow ilove2readbooks then click the link and view it on the main site! Also if you love the site, be part of the chain and email this on to all your friends and family:

 OMG! I just found this cool website https://ilove2readbooks.wordpress.com/ its so cool! Go on it and check out all the cool stuff you can read and write! Its so cool!

Along with a new makeover comes a new list of amazing books! Over the next few weeks epic books will be unveiled ! As well as this I will be adding a story section to ilove2readbooks were I will add a new chapter most weeks!

love you all

ilove2readbooks 🙂


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