Between shades of grey

name of book: Between shades of grey

author: Ruta Sepetys 


This book starts of amazingly, the end is very good too. Its just the middle that lets it down. Of course it has and amazing plot. They story is basically about a girl called Lina, she is sent to a Siberian camp with her mother and brother because she has committed a ‘crime’.Most books about world war two are VERY sad but can be a little boring however this story is set just BEFORE world war 2 and so it is a lot more interesting.

 Like I said before the middle lets this book down a bit. Its all very sad but nothing MAJOR happens. This can make it a little boring however, like i also said before this book is AMAZING ( apart from the boring middle!) Buy it if you can!!!]

we rate it 3/5

Buy the book to find out more…


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