author: Louis Shachar
name of book: Holes

ilove2readbooks says:

A lot of people will have seen te very good film of Holes. Yes the film is good, BUT the book is soooooo much better!!!!!!!

Holes is about this boy called Stanley who is sent to a camp for young boys who have done something wrong in the eyes of.the law. He is accused of stealing a pair of trainers from his hero
even though he did not commit this crime. The boys at the camp are made to dig a hole a day-not fun!!!!

This is the type of book you can listen to ‘ call me mabye’ while reading and still get every word!!!please read this book and comment on what you think of it – anyone from 10- 10000000 will love it!

We rate it : 4.75/5

Buy the book to find out more…


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