Peace Weavers

name of book: peace weavers

author: Julia Jarman

ilove2readbooks says:

Firstly, this book is not for everyone . If you are anything like me you will love it. However, if you don’t like history then ask your self ‘is this a  book I will enjoy?’. If the answer is no then don’t read on!

But…if the answer is yes, then feel free to read on!!! The story is about a 16 year old girl named Hilde who … well I dont want to spoil it for you. Lets just its set in the time when the war in Iraq was going on and Hilde doesn’t agree with it! She starts to do all she can to stop the war…the only thing is,she takes it one step to far.

Meanwhile, another story is going on at the same time. Maethilde  is the same age and height as Hilde and her story is not that different to Hildes. They are both peace weavers fighting for the same cause PEACE!

we rate it:  4/5 ( for me!)

buy the book to find out more…




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