Words in the Dust

name of book: Words in the dust  

author: Trent Reedy

ilove2readbooks says:

Some books you read…and then forget.NOT the case with words in the dust!!!! For most books i have to google the name of the author , but I could remember how to spell Trent Reedy and went straight in to the review!

First of all , the person telling the story is a girl. I am only pointing this out because some boys will go ‘i don’t want to read a book when its told by a girl!” well if you dont read this then, YOUR LOSS!!!!! Do you not read the hunger games because Katniss is a girl? Not read harry potter because Harry is a boy? See i told you!

In this book you do not only get a story , but a glimpse into someone else’s life! This is a tale of hope , sadness and joy and i hope you love it as much as i did!

we rate it:5 /5

buy the book to find out more


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