Chinese Cinderella

name :Chinese Cinderella

author:Adeline Yen Mah

ilove2readbooks says:

Chinese Cinderella is the tear jerking story Adeline Yen Mahs childhood. Its one of the sadist books you will ever read.

This book is sooooo sad! It is the story of an unwanted daughter ( Adeline Yen Mah). I think the sadist part is that its true! When reading it I was thinking “how could anyone be so cruel?” But the whole thing is TRUE. Throughout the whole book you find yourself wanting to help Adeline so much!

This book is not only true but also amazing! Adeline Yen Mah writes so well you feel like YOU are growing up unwanted. NOW THAT IS THE MARK OF A GOOD AUTHOR!

we rate it: 5/5

Buy the book to find out more…


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